History & Heritage

Style, Tradition and Authenticity are the Southern pillars that inspired the creation of Southern Proper, Haberdashery for the Southern Gentleman. Emilie Claire Howard (fondly known as Emmie) and Reagan Hardy Howell co-founded the company in late 2005 and planted the company’s roots in Atlanta, Georgia. By com- bining an appreciation for heritage and fashion, they infused that passion into a men’s clothing line that is much deeper than a south- ern accent. Now the company, under the leadership of Mrs. Howard, is set to develop into dressing the gentleman from head to toe.

Southern Proper is based on men’s décor and dress, and each bowtie (BeausTM) and necktie (GentsTM) is adorned with hand-drawn designs, made of superior king twill silk. The neckties are even hand drawn in the South. And although neckwear is the best way for a man to add a splash of color to his suiting’s, the Southern Proper line has expanded to include boxers, belts, hats, oxfords, polos golf attire, and shorts. You can find these fancies in over 250 specialty men’s retail shops around the country and online.

Emmie Howard, Founder


Enjoyed a refined yet simple family farm upbringing in the Tennessee Delta • Got a dash of polish from Brenau Women's College • Had a brief stint on the corporate ladder before founding Southern Proper.


Going back home to the farm for the harvest every fall • Family "Duck Hunts" (scavenger hunt for decoys) at Christmas • Friday Movie Dates with the Best Dressed SoPro husband • Ordering dessert at every meal!

Secrets to Success

Business is in the Details • Be your Brand • There is power in saying "thank you" and "I'm sorry" • It's better to be polite than always right • Work harder and smarter • Don’t forget to Pray!

Office Conversation

Food is love, PrepSouth....the trend that SP began! • Football season is one day closer • Cocktails after work? • We need music!

I Raise My Glass To

Manners, Mothers, Mentors and Men!

Hanna Seabrook, Creative Director


Spent her childhood on the coast of South Carolina • Adventured to boarding school in Northern Virginia to study art • Learned a bit about good business at Wofford College • Started a full service creative studio that lead her to Southern Proper


Hunting antique shops with my mother • Collecting coffee table books and old family photographs • planning trips with my husband • a long game of scrabble • Making the perfect tailgate • Sharing a great bottle of wine • Trying new restaurants.

Talking Points

She lives in ballet flats and button downs • She was named after her grand- mother • She is married to her high school sweetheart • She looks forward to Sunday brunch all week long • She dearly loves to laugh

Drink Of Choice

The Greyhound

I Raise My Glass To

Prep Culture, Creativity and Great Conversation

Ansley Khulke, Director of Wholesale


Raised a country club girl on the greens of Augusta National • A true Georgia bulldog • lover of fancy fashions • an old soul at heart.


Going home every year for masters week to socialize not to watch much golf • Gathering with friends every chance I get, especially during Holidays or on the never-ending wedding circuit • Family outings to church or lunch • catching up with my sister.


Be true to yourself! • Remember when one door closes another one opens • See the good in every situation you face • Know that without God you wouldn't be where you are today • Believe and be confident in yourself and your work!


I'm hungry • Where are we going for lunch? • What did his shoes look like? • I need a cocktail ASAP • What's going to be the best seller? • Gosh he was so cute!!!

What’s on my Playlist

Old school country, oldies, to dirty, bump and grind rap!


Friends, family, Fridays, and fun!!!!!

Eleni Dermatas, Director of E-Commerce


Embraces the meaning of her name, Zoe, which means life • Comes from a long line of feisty Greek women • Danced her way through hometown Macon, Ga to earn a design degree from UGA • Followed her passion for design to Charleston, SC • Landed her dream job with Southern Proper thanks to her super talent of being social.


Holidays are centered around family and FOOD • A loud, Greek-American family full of life and love and know their way around a kitchen

Secrets To Success

Confidence • True sense of self • The customer is always right • Work hard/Play hard • Believe in your work • Always be grateful • Thank God always.

Favorite Southern City

Without a doubt, Charleston, SC. Nothing compares to the downtown streets filled with southern charm and history. The beauty of this city is unlike any other!

I Raise My Glass To

My family, friends and Southern Proper. OPA!!

Dahlia Bennett, Director of Special Programs


Warm but strict Egyptian upbringing in the Northern city of Baltimore • Maryland with a love of style and a passion for fashion.


Home cooked gourmet mediterranean meals - family style- while gathered around a large round table discussing daily events • Children running around on the beach while the sun sets and bonfire smores every August • Date nights with my dream guy, and french fries nationwide.

Secrets to Success

LISTENING is a powerful tool • Admit when you are wrong • When possible, surround yourself with productive people • Be passionate about what you do, work hard, and if you are as lucky as I am to love who you work with, success will fall upon you.

Office Conversation

What can we do to "Raise the Bar"? • Do they have good fries? • Because it's Monday! • It's five o'clock somewhere.

I Raise My Glass To

Laughter, Learning, and Leading with the heart