Monday, February 04, 2008

"Belles for Beaus" Program highlighted in NC State's Technician Online

From the Technician Online:

Southern Proper, a Southern-inspired line of clothing, neckties, bowties and accessories, is now targeting its brand to college consumers through its new program, Belles for Beaus.

Through the Belles for Beaus programs, 23 collegiate women from 15 universities in the southeast are serving as liaisons between Southern Proper and the college consumers by visiting fraternities and other organizations, planning trunk shows and hosting tailgating events that feature the line's designs and styles.

"It's a premiere line for the quintessential southern gentlemen," Erin Summerlin, one of the two Southern Proper Belles at N.C. State, said. "We have a lot of those at State and these products are really going to be valued by the men and women of our campus." (read more)