Thursday, June 05, 2008

Seersucker Thursday

Seersucker Thursday is a long standing tradition that resulted from the need to make hot Washington summers bearable. During the summer months in Washington, Southern senators would trade in their dark wool suits for lighter garments made of linen and cotton. In 1907, a New Orleans clothier created a light-weight suit made from blue and white striped cotton which he named "seersucker" from the Persian words milk and sugar that soon became mandatory summer attire.

With the introduction of air-conditioning the wearing of seersucker in Washington was forgotten until the late 1990s when Mississippi Senator Trent Lott decided to revive the tradition by selecting a "nice and warm" day in the beginning of June he named Seersucker Thursday.

Seersucker Thursday is still honored by all Southern senators each June in Washington.

Join us Thursday, June 12th for our own Seersucker Thursday and a taste of haberdashery at H.Stockton in Midtown Atlanta.