Born and raised on the banks of the Mississippi River into a farming family, I've always believed the Delta is like no other place on earth. The mystery of that muddy water, the beauty of the perfectly tended fields, the delicious rib-sticking cuisine, and the people that call this place home are what make the Delta the heart of the South. From Memphis to New Orleans, the land has engraved upon so many of us a rich heritage of unique music, culture, food, and style. 

 As the first and truest southern clothing line to grace our industry back in 2005. I am delighted to get back to our original roots. Southern Proper began as haberdashery for the gentleman with distinctive bowties and neckties accompanied by the belief that one should not only look their best but do their best. I am honored to present this collection, inspired by my authentic upbringing and roots in the Delta, to our friends in the business that have helped us grow the brand and stood beside us through the competition, the challenges, and the years. Southern Proper is a heritage brand that will live on and thanks to you, it's the tie that binds. 

Very Sincerely, 

Emmie Howard, founder of Southern Proper


From the downtown streets of Memphis and winding down Historic Highway 61, The Delta Blues trail is the Soul of the South. Just as the Blues is the foundation for much of music history, our Blues Collection will be the heart of your style all fall long.

THE DELTA fields 

The rich and fertile Fields of the Delta farmland have been the backdrop for our southern roots. As the cotton blossoms in early fall and football kicks off across the southeast, we celebrate the traditions of the many southern Fields.


Blessed by the bounty of fields and families around the delta, there is nothing like Harvest time in the South. The air is cooler and the days shorter, but the hard work of the harvest season is upon us. With the change of colors and weather, we prepare to give thanks for all we reap and all we have been given.


In the South, we are taught at a young age to be social and proper! Cocktails are in our blood....and this holiday season, we celebrate in true Delta style. Holidays in the Delta are full of gracious gatherings, handsome decor, family recipes, and old fashioned traditions.