One-of-a-Kind Bowtie Painting - Frank Norton


Frank Norton studied art, color, and design in high school and college but his talents lay dormant for almost 20 years. Only after taking up the markers to decorate his children’s brown paper lunch bags, did is talent and love for art take root. Part folk-art, part cartoon, part modern art, Norton started painting birds or “Chick’in Scratches” as he fondly named them. Crayons, colored pencils, chalk, paint and the tools of first graders combined in swirls of energy and motion to create these fantastical birds. Through the imaginative mind and talented eye of Frank Norton, these unique creatures come to life and exhibit their distinct personalities. 

As a fan of the business, Frank took a step away from his classic birds to paint this one-of-a-kind Bowtie painting just for us! Frank or "Papa Norton" also happens to be a father to one of our very own and you know we love to share our friend's and family's talents!  

- Acrylic Painting 
- 36"x 36" Stretched Canvas 


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