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Southern Proper 2019 "Proper Pups" Calendar


Remember our "Proper Pup" contest? Well, Mallie the Boykin took the Gold and found herself on the back of our Limited Edition Proper Pup Tee.... but we had to create something amazing for the other Good-boys and Good-girls. 

Our 2019 Calendar features the Top Ten Proper Pups, each as their own "Dog of the Month." Throughout the calendar, you'll find over seventy-five dogs that entered our contest -- and a few of the office dogs you know and love. 

In addition to a calendar packed full of cute dogs, each month contains a special code to be redeemed on our site only accessed by Calendar holders. Over $125 in savings! 

Of course, what is "looking good" if you aren't "doing good?" A portion of all proceeds of our 2019 Calendar will be donated to the Atlanta Humane Society. 

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